Brussels Sprouts – Love them or Loathe them?

It turns out your Mother was right.  Again.

You really should eat up all your vegetables, and especially the Brussels Sprouts, often left on the side of the plate when served up to both grown ups and children alike.  According to an article at brussels sprouts have been declared to be a superfood.  So let’s get eating them.

If you look at what a sprout contains you can see why they have been given a change of status from vegetable to be loathed to superfood!  They are low in fat, low in calories and great when paired with whole grains as a source of protein for a vegetarian diet.  They are filled with vitamin A, vitamin C and they have a large dose of potassium and calcium.  Apparently, they also contain indole, which is a phytochemical known to help ward off cancer.

So why do some people dislike them so intensely?  Well partly it is because sprouts can be very sour in flavour.  The given gardening wisdom is to wait until after the first frost which makes the plants sweeter to the taste.  The other reason people don’t like them?  Sorry folks.  It is probably down to really bad cooking.

Contrary to popular belief, Brussels Sprouts do not need to be boiled for 4 days or steamed for 7.  In fact, as little cooking as possible makes for better tasting sprouts.  But you don’t need to just restrict yourself to boiling or steaming.  How about roasting.  Or stir frying.

In fact, the link states you can have sprouts at every meal.  I am not convinced about having them for breakfast, but the recipes look really interesting.  They even have a link to a cake recipe.  Cake?  Made out of sprouts?!  That might be a step too far, even for me!



Before I finish this blog post, I must make a confession.  When I was little, I LOATHED Brussels Sprouts.  Even when my Mother called them little cabbages.  Nope, you couldn’t fool me.

However, I am now a convert.  The reason is a domestic science vegetable project.  I was off school when the vegetables were chosen/distributed.  The only vegetable left was Brussels Sprouts.  I was not overwhelmed with glee, but I set to, looking through lots of cook books (this was in the days before Google or Pinterest – yes, I am THAT old!) and surprise, surprise I found several which were incredibly tasty.  Especially one for Brussels Sprouts in Celery Sauce which featured in many Christmas Dinners at our house.  I am sure the recipe will be online somewhere.  Since that vegetable project, I am a convert.

Thank you Miss Faulkner!

Do you have any recipes for Brussels Sprouts that you would like to share?


1 thought on “Brussels Sprouts – Love them or Loathe them?

  1. Isobel Morrell

    You forgot the other family favourite – once cooked to your taste, stir in a knob of butter, a dessert spoon of paprika and a little brown suger. Mix well, and serve: yummy! So good think I’ll have some for lunch today myself.



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