WARNING: Rant about the “War on Obesity”

Great.  More pressure from the Medic’s on obesity. Don’t get me wrong, I know that obesity is a crisis and costs the National Health Service a fortune in treatment.  I also know that being obese is not something to be aimed for.  But I do not think that the latest news is the way forward.

As someone who is classified as morbidly obese from a random calculation using my height and weight (which bears no relation to how healthy I am, and instead just tells the doctor where on a chart I belong), I was horrified to hear this morning on the news that gastric surgeons are now claiming that up to 2 million people might be eligible to have a gastric band fitted in order to lose weight.  (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-25766253)



You might have picked up that I don’t like the BMI calculation and all the use that has been put to.  I like the idea of major stomach surgery and gastric bands being fitted even less.

I have already mentioned in passing how I am treated at the doctor.  If I go for antibiotics for a chest infection, then I would bet my house that the doctor will ask if I have thought of losing weight.  I have, on occasion, replied with “Why yes.  I have thought of very little else for the last 34 years.  It hasn’t worked out well, has it?!”  I think you can probably tell that there is sarcasm dripping from that statement.  What drives me wild is that if they had cast a glance over my medical records, then they would see the referral to the metabolic expert when I was 18, and the eating disorder diagnosed then, the dietician appointments, and what not.  It is all there.  Written in black and white, or pixelated on the computer screen.



One doctor asked if I wanted to be considered for bariatric surgery.  I left him in no doubt that I would NEVER have a gastric band fitted.  If my weight was all about how much I ate and how I eat the wrong things, then I would do it.  But it isn’t.  I can prove what I eat; I can prove that I do not eat a high fat, high calorie diet.  I can prove that I am active.  But the medical profession doesn’t believe me.  In fact, one doctor actually said, to my face “Well you are still fat, so you must be lying”.

EXCUSE ME?  Who the HELL are you to tell me that I am lying to you and to myself about how much I eat?  Who are YOU to impugn my good name and call me a liar?  I don’t care how many qualifications anyone has, but NO ONE calls me a liar.  I once provided them with a detailed food diary, and exercise diary and they still didn’t believe me.

So needless to say, I will NOT be accepting any offer of bariatric surgery, even if I will be the last fat person in the UK.  I would even decline a hypnotherapy gastric band.



I am going to lose this weight the old fashioned way.  One pound at a time.  Exercising to tighten up my wobbly bits and to make myself feel better.  Eating healthy, home cooked food with the occasional indulgence has got to be better than undergoing major surgery.  That smacks of a quick fix to a slow problem.




1 thought on “WARNING: Rant about the “War on Obesity”

  1. Isobel Morrell

    What really riles me in this latest report is that quote I read in today’s “Daily Telegraph” – “Doctors must not be afraid of calling a person fat”. When I think of the number of times I’ve heard about your experiences – and some slanted suggestions at times in the case of your Father, God rest his Soul – it makes my blood boil. There are SO MANY other reasons for obesity, including sleep deprivation – but folks suffering from that evidently don’t count with the sort of GP that you’ve had to deal with. One day…….maybe?



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