Feeling very pleased with myself…

Not only have I posted every day for a full two weeks (and attracted  a lovely bunch of followers from WordPress and Facebook and Twitter), but I have also managed to start two of the tools which I know will be invaluable to me in my Herbalism practice.



I have a feeling that a Herbalists learning is never done.

I have read so many Herbal books in the last few months, and fascinating though the information is, I do feel that my brain is suffering from filing cabinet syndrome.  So much stuff is going in the front, I am a bit worried about what is falling out of the back!



However…  I decided to harness the power of technology and to use my accountant’s passion for spreadsheets and start my own Herbal.  At the moment it is just a list of remedies and ingredients.  But what a list!  I have details of several complaints and the recommended remedies for them.  So far, so boring, but through the power of spreadsheets (and some natty magic called pivot tables) I can manipulate this list.  If I diagnose your complaint, say Cystitis, then with a couple of clicks of the mouse and  I can then tell you that Echinacea and Celery Seed might be able to help you.

Still not impressed?  Okay, then name a remedy.  How about Caraway?  Well, I can equally give you a list of the conditions that is can help.  They range from Breast Milk Stimulation to helping with Painful Menstruation.

Now, I think that is really cool.

The next step is to make a database of recipes for the actual remedies as well.  I might leave it for a couple of weeks before I do battle with Microsoft Access though.

from wikipedia

from wikipedia

Oh, that is just the first tool.  What is the second?  A timetable of when it is best to gather and harvest herbs.  Again, not really exciting?  Well, for someone who wants to grow the herbs she uses for the remedies she makes for her patients, this means I can plan my herb garden that bit better.  Oh, and for the bits that I can’t grow, I might be able to forage for them if I know when they are going to be at their best.  Oh, and it also tells me some really cool stuff.  Like January is a good month for gathering Dandelion Leaves, Chickweed and Horseradish.

The best bit of both of these tools is that, although I have used one herbal book to get them started, I can keep adding to them when I read a new book.  Hopefully, this will mean that I will have a superb reference for making my herbal remedies.




I hope you all have a lovely Sunday.



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