Baldness and how to prevent it…

Some Ladies would say that men are lucky because balding is the “only” thing they have to worry about.  I am not one of them. Losing your hair must be a terrible shock, and I am sure I wouldn’t like it if I were a man.


Balding is a problem which can be genetic.  If your Dad looked like a cue ball at 20, then chances are you will too.  However, you can potentially slow the process down.  There is a scientific term for it  – Androgenic Alopecia.




From my reading, scalp stimulation seems to be the general advice.  Rosemary and Peppermint rinses are great and they are also good for dandruff and other scalp conditions.  Stinging Nettle is also suggested.  It has purifying properties and acts as an astringent.  It has been used to speed up the metabolism and circulation.  You could also use the nettle root, as this affects hormones and proteins carrying sex hormones in the human body which explains why it might help hair growth too.


Male pattern baldness, the genetic kind, is down to the body’s genetic predisposition to be inefficient at removing excessive androgens in the body.   Androgens are a group of hormones which regulate and influence the male reproductive system.  In combination with 5 alpha-reductase, a naturally occurring substance in the body, it can  poison the follicles in the scalp, thereby causing baldness.  You have to address this excessive androgen issue, because otherwise you can stimulate your scalp until it is black and blue, but it will not help.





Taking a supplement of Saw Palmetto might help.  It helps to remove excess androgens via the liver and it helps the liver stay healthy into the bargain.  Zinc is also good.  It inhibits the 5 alpha-reductase activity.  And Green tea might helps as well.  The polypenols are a powerful anti-oxidant which inhibits Dihydrotestosterone (one of those androgens from earlier!).


The biggest thing to remember gentlemen, is that losing your hair is a sign of male virility.  You clearly have lots of sex hormones and I can assure you there are people out there who like a bald man.  Don’t worry, be confident and enjoy your life!



1 thought on “Baldness and how to prevent it…

  1. Allegra

    Don’t know how true this is, but I’ve read that the gene responsible is usually passed down the mother’s side – so whether your dad kept his hair or not is immaterial – your maternal grandfather, though, is a different matter. Anecdotal evidence so far seems to bear this out – my paternal grandfather was bald, my dad isn’t. My OH and his half-brother, who have different fathers, are both bald. We can only assume that their mother’s father (they were both adopted as babies and don’t know their biological parents) must have been bald too…. :o)



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