Knuts about Knitting…

My husband suggested a post about this topic, because he found an article on all about knitting and its health benefits.  He read it, and said that he sort of understands why I keep doing it and amassing crazy amounts of wool into the bargain.  According to the latest research, Knitting keeps you healthy.

knitting granny

Knitting is often used for therapy, mainly as a distractant.  This is especially useful in managing long term physical pain patients.  It has also been shown to help people with depression.  It builds confidence and can also mean that the knitter is engaged in conversation with interested onlookers without having to have constant eye contact.

knitting cables

Knitting is relaxing.  I would argue that attempting to do cable knitting is the exception to prove this rule (cable knitting is the work of Satan.  No.  It really is.) but apparently, all knitting is relaxing.  People have had measured decreases in heart rate, muscle tension and blood pressure.  I have certainly found that if I am tense, I have to force myself to relax in order to successfully knit my current project, whatever that may be.

Knitting connects people.  It may be the connection through what you are knitting and who it is for (Godson, friend) or indeed a link with who has knitted before you, but also there are lots of knitting groups popping up.  Knitting in a group is fantastic fun.  And great therapy in and of itself.

knitting 2

Knitting improves concentration, and that goes for all ages.   It has proved to be particularly useful for children with excessive energy.  In older people it has been shown to reduce the risk of dementia and for those of us between those two extremes, it offers a break from our busy schedules and provides a detox from the technology saturated world.

knitting 1

But best of all?  It makes people happy.  Both those knitting and those receiving the knitted items.  That has got to be a good thing!  So, this weekend, are you going to search out your knitting needles and have a go?  I probably won’t.  I will crochet instead.  But that has the same benefits.  I prefer crochet but that is just because you have half the implements and go twice the speed!

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you get up to.


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