Another more modern Herbal Hero…

Happy Thursday!   I want to tell you about my next Herbal Hero; a gentleman called Alfred Vogel.

alfred vogel

Alfred who?!  You may well ask.  This gentleman is credited with bringing alive herbalism as we know it today.  He was a Swiss phytotherapist, nutritionist and writer.  He began his work with medicinal plants from picking up remedies from his parent and grandparents and his first job was managing a herb and health shop.  He used to advise his customers and began making his own remedies, which is eventually want he became famous for.  Some of his products can be seen and bought in herbal shops today.

I found out about Alfred Vogel because I found a Kindle book written by him.  I love reading it.  It is scholarly and yet easy to read.  Apparently, it has been an immensely popular book to have in the bookcase of European homes, and his remedies are really effective.   One of the lovely things about Herr Vogel is that he practised what he preached.  He used the remedies himself, and lived to the ripe age of 94.


One thing I have learnt about him in my research for this post is that he loved travelling and finding out about the herbal traditions of where he stayed.  Apparently on one of his many travels, he met and stayed with some Sioux people in the United States.  He became very close with one of the tribal Medicine Men, Ben Black Elk who taught Herr Vogel about Echinacea.  Alfred bought this knowledge back to Europe and made a remedy out of the Echinacea.  He is the reason that Echinacea is so popular in Europe.

The book I have on my Kindle is “The Nature Doctor:  A Manual of Traditional and Complimentary Medicine”.  It is written in an avuncular style.  I can imagine him sitting in a chair and telling me what to do about whatever complaint I came to him with.  It really feels like I have a Nature Doctor in my house.  If you can get a copy, have a read of it.  If it doesn’t inspire you to learn more about herbalism, I will be very surprised.


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