Planning a house move…

As you may already know, my husband and I will be moving house shortly.  It has been a bit of whirlwind in the last four weeks or so, and I am pleased to say that our present house is up for sale, it is being advertised on the internet, and I am ready and waiting for people to come and look at the house and fall in love with it.


I am not a novice to moving.  At last count I have moved 23 times in 40 years, and two of those moves were intercontinental.  So, here are some tips if you are thinking of moving too.


The biggest thing is to be organised.  If you like lists  then make them.  And more importantly keep to them.  Add to them.  If you forget stuff then add it to the bottom of the list and keep doing that.  You will catch everything using this method.  Plus, it is a great psychological boost to be able to strike off stuff from a long list.  There are websites that tell you to colour code the new house.  Make sure that the boxes which need to go to different rooms are marked up to reflect this.  So if you designate the dining room as green, for example, then the box with the table cloths and cutlery canteen need to go to into a box with green writing on it, and the movers told to move that box into the room with the green ribbon on it.  That seems a little… OCD.  Ideal, perhaps, but perhaps a little too OCD.


Another tip is to keep a list of what is in which box.  You do not want to be hunting for the box which has the saucepans in it when you are looking for them to make dinner the first night you are in your new home.


And the best tip of all?  Keep your tea and coffee making stuff in one box and make sure you move that box first.  Get the kettle, the mugs, the teaspoons, the teabags and the instant coffee and make sure it goes into the kitchen first.  You are going to need it.  Then, move the beds.  Get them set up and made and then you can work the rest of the day until you are absolutely beat, and collapse into an already made bed.  Utter bliss.


Due to our circumstances, we can move into our new house before we sell the old one.  Hubby and I have started to talk about when we want to move in.  We have even been saying dates out loud.    It rather brought the whole thing home to me rather forcefully.  We have moved some stuff already.  We wanted to declutter our present abode before we put it on the market.  Make the place look big and airy and attractive.  So, we have packed up boxes.  Lots and lots of boxes.  We have stored them in one of the two lofts at our soon to be home.  Yes, two attics.  Oh, the storage!


We have decided that we are going to spend a week or so moving boxes and garden stuff on our own, and then get a removal man in to move the big stuff on one day.  And then… we should be in.   This is going to be quite an experience.   If everything works out, then this will be our last move.  Ever.


I am really, really looking forward to this.  Well, not the hard and back breaking work… but definitely to the new house!





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