Can colour help to heal people?

I have been interested in feng shui (the ancient art of balancing energies in a space) for some time.  I remember my parents engaging a Feng shui master in one of our houses and how the changes he suggested made the house feel different.  I even use some of the ideas in my own home (though in a very limited way).


I have also been interested in the role that colour can play in changing the mood and flow of a room.  If you walk into a room painted black, it will feel one way.  If the same room is painted pink, it will feel a different way.  I began to think whether changing the colour of a room could assist people in healing.   Holistic treatment is based on all factors which can influence a patient, and if that means the colour of the walls, then I would be willing to try it, if it helps to support the body’s healing energies.


In my internet research, I have found that there is a branch of holistic treatment called colour psychology.  It made very interesting reading, and I wanted to share some of these ideas with you.   It is a huge subject, so I think this might spread over a couple of days.


My personal favourite colour is red.  According to feng shui, it is the colour of vitality.  In colour psychology it indicates passion, action and energy which links nicely with the feng shui definition.  Red indicates pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promotes ambition and determination.  The colour is strong willed, and can give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in willpower.   I used to love wearing red into the office when I was working as an accountant.  It made meetings run unusually well, and made me feel confident and determined.    If I had a patient who was struggling with willpower issues at work (snacking uncontrollably for example) then I might suggest they put a new accessory on their desk in red.  A mug or a coaster or even a vase of fake red flowers.  Some kind of beacon.  Maybe it would help to steel their resolve slightly.


A slightly more delicate colour is pink.  In Feng shui, it is the colour of romance.   In colour psychology, pink is the colour of unconditional love, nuturing and compassion.  Pink is obviously feminine, affectionate and intimate.  Apparently it is a thoughtful colour, intuitive and insightful.  It calms and reassures emotional energy.  There is a reason that people joke about pink padded rooms.  They do calm and reassure some very disturbed mental patients.  Interestingly, I would not use pink in my house to any great extent because it can come across as being girly, immature, maybe even silly.  But if there were a patient who was overly serious, possibly having anger issues, I might suggest they use pink accents in their home decor.  It can’t hurt.



If I am writing something creative, I love to use purple ink.  Interestingly, in feng shui it is the colour of passion, but in colour psychology, it is the colour of the imagination.  People who use it are creative, individual and aspiring to higher ideals.  I will take the creative!  Purple is also a colour of spirituality.  It helps people get in touch with deeper thoughts and assists in finding spiritual fulfillment and the search for the meaning of life.  It is another powerful colour; with links to royalty and nobility.  It is often used in Christian Church liturgies, which is an interesting connection.


More of the colours to follow tomorrow.  What are your favourite colours?  And do you think that your choice reflects your personality?


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