Make your own Hand scrub for those Gardeners Hands

Gardening, gardening, gardening.  I love it.  It means I am never bored, and always have something to do.  But it also means that I have some very filthy hands at the end of a day weeding and planting in the borders.  So, here is a recipe for making some of your own.  It could not be easier.

gardening quote

So, take a jar of your choice and fill it up 3/4 full with sugar.  Then fill the next quarter of the jar with dish washing detergent of your choice.  You can use any sort for greasy dishes.   Stir it all up and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil.  Any essential oil that is antibacterial and antiseptic would be good.  You could use lemon oil, tea tree oil or lavender oil.  There should be a thick paste, and it will be incredibly useful.


Actually, it would make a great gift for a gardener in your family.  That, and may be a liniment for their sore joints!

garden quote 2


2 thoughts on “Make your own Hand scrub for those Gardeners Hands

  1. Davilyn

    I like this. Quick and easy. I will have to make some to try once I can finally get into my garden. It will be a few weeks here before that happens, the ground is still pretty frozen! Thanks


  2. knockedupandfit

    I hadn’t even thought of using dish soap! That should really slide everything off combined with the sugar… This would be a great thing to keep in the shed outside, because I haaaate washing my hands indoors. Love this!



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