Happy Easter to everyone…

I don’t know if you are Christian, Pagan or Atheist, so I will wish you one and all a Happy Easter today.


For my part, I am a practising Christian, so I will be at Church today, and I will pray for each and every one of you during the service.


I think it is really important for each person to do something, at least one day a week, which brings you in touch with your spiritual side.  To my mind, that can be gardening, running, bog snorkelling, meditating, cheese rolling, praying, going to church or driving a car round and round and round.  Whatever give you a spiritual high… go and do it.  Have fun, smile and praise God(s)/Science/Nature/All of the above.  Drink it ALL in.

Happy Easter

I will be taking a break tomorrow for Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK (to spend some quality time with my husband) so I will be back on Tuesday.  Have a great Sunday, and again, Happy Easter!



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