Managing your time when you are at home…

There were lots of things that have changed now we have moved house.  Most of them I was expecting.  The animals behaviour changed quite a bit, the hoover seems to over heat if you clean more than three rooms at a time, there is a lot more dust because it is an older building.  But some of the things that are different have surprised me.  The biggest of these is the fact that all my personal time management skills seem to have taken an extended holiday!


I am not even sure why this is.  It might be that it is the excitement of living in this lovely house, or it could be that there is just a mountain of jobs to do in the house, or it could just be that I am a teensy bit overwhelmed with it all at the moment.  Whatever the reason, I need to sort myself out and sharpish.


There are lots of theories of time management.  If you read any management textbook they will talk about prioritising to do lists.  That is okay for people who can see that they give themselves too much to do.  But if they are anything like me, I give myself loads to do and get annoyed with myself when I don’t achieve it, even though the to do list would have made Superman weep.  The management books also talk about  delegating things to others.  Well, for most of the day I am the only person in the house.  Although the dog would like to help me, her lack of opposable thumbs is a bit of a problem.  I am pretty sure the cats would tell me where to get off, so, I am left with the fact that all of the jobs need me to do them.

to do list

I always have a to do list.  Sometimes it actually fits on one page.  I usually put the most important things at the top and try to attack them first, using the great “Eat that Frog” principle dreamt up by Brian Tracy.  Seriously, if you haven’t read this book, pick it up and have a go now.  It is a really good book, and contains some great anti-procrastination advice.   Basically, he suggests that instead of ruminating on those big jobs that scare you and you think will take far too long, you just get on and do them and you will find that they actually don’t take nearly as long as you fear.


I did that yesterday with the three big jobs I actually managed to get done.  Unfortunately, it left sundry smaller jobs undone because the big nasty three had taken up all my energy.  So, what to do about them?


Well, today, I am going to attempt to use the power of the 15 minutes.  Flylady, an online organisation and home cleaning guru, states that you can do anything for 15 minutes.  I know from previous experience that this is true.  So, today, I am going to set the kitchen timer for 15 minutes and see what I can get done from those silly little jobs which have to be done, but which I have been skillfully avoiding.


What have you got on your to do list today?  Will the 15 minutes trick work for you too?


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