Healing scars and stretch marks naturally…

Personally, I don’t mind scars or stretch marks.  I like to think of them as being earned and offering character to individuals, but I know that some people are really very concerned and would like to know ways of getting rid of them naturally.  Cue some feverish internet research!


Bentonite Clay is a great choice.  It pulls toxins out of pores, helps to heal skin and reduces redness.  The best way to use it is to make a paste with the clay and some water.  Spread it on the skin, leave it until it dries and then wash it off.


You can also try Coconut oil.  The fatty acids in this miracle product prevent and reverse free radical damage.  It couldn’t be easier to use either.  Just apply directly to the skin.


Carrot juice is rich in minerals as well as Vitamin C.  It cleanses and beautifies skin.  You need to mix carrot juice with 1 teaspoon sea salt and massage it into areas of scarring with a circular motion.  Again, leave it to dry, but make sure you rinse it off thoroughly or else you might have orange skin from the carotene!

sea salt

Sea salt baths are excellent for absorbing toxins from the skin.  They also act as an antiseptic.  Draw yourself a warm water bath and add the sea salt to the running water.  Sit in it for 30-45 minutes once or twice a week.


Aloe vera is an amazing product for the skin.  It regenerates skin tissue, fights inflammation, and provides soothing moisture.  You can get it over the counter as a gel (make sure it is over 90% pure Aloe Vera gel) or get it directly from an aloe vera plant.

vitamin e

Vitamin E is first class for scars.  Use the contents of a vitamin E supplement capsule and put it on the scar directly.  Though please make sure you only use it on a healed scar.


And finally, hazelnut oil is fabulous for nourishing and hydrating skin and for promoting cell regeneration.  It has astringent properties, strengthens capilliaries and reduces redness.  Just apply it directly to the skin, though if you have a nut allergy, please do not use it.




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