Make today your perfect day…

There are a lot of books written about attaining perfection.   It might be in your home environment (how to clean, how to organise, how to declutter, how to have it all, you know the sort of thing!), it might be at work (how to be the best in your profession, how to rise to the top of the organisation you work in, how to become successful in your own business), but there is precious little in the way of books about how to be happy in your life.  I think that is a shame, because, surely, that is all we are all hoping for isn’t it?  Our own bit of happiness and contentment.


A very good friend of mine, Elaine Collier ( once suggested that we sit down with a blank piece of paper and write, in detail, about what our perfect day looked like.  The first time you do it, it might be completely unachievable.  So someone’s perfect day could include skiing down a black run in St Moritz and then having cocktails on the beach in St Lucia.  Highly unlikely to be achieved as they are on the opposite sides of the world.  But it is still a fun exercise to do.


I did this, and yes, it was completely unachievable to begin with.  But then I thought about it hard and decided I wanted to write a page or so about the sort of day which made me smile broadly and would give me that lovely warm fuzzy feeling of contentment.  An achievable sort of perfection, if you will.

letters to God

I actually wrote a letter to God.


Don’t call the men in white coats; I never posted it!  What I did, was write a letter, detailing all the things I was thankful for; some of them had happened, and some of them hadn’t.  Either way, I wanted to say thank you for them.  And so I wrote about my perfect day.


It started with a dog walk, and then it moved onto me spending a few hours in the garden, tidying and pottering and harvesting.  Then I moved indoors to do a bit of writing and correspondence, and culminated in an evening with my husband and family playing games, or reading or something like that.


When this letter was written, we had not a dog yet (though I was only days away from fetching her from the rescue!), our garden was small and about 10 minutes of pottering did the whole thing,  I had nothing to write at all, and myself and hubby were working such long hours, we rarely saw each other, let alone spent time together.  And there were no children, nor the prospect of them.

perfect day

The spooky thing?  Within three days, circumstances at my then place of employment became untenable, and I resigned.  We picked up the dog from the rescue centre, and then within the next 6 months, I got the garden under control, tended the house and we made the decision to begin the adoption process.  I was also the happiest I have ever been.


So, I would suggest, if you are feeling brave enough, sit down with some paper and a pen, and write about what your perfect day would look like.  Write a letter to God if you want, to the Universe if you prefer, keep it positive, keep it grateful and hang onto your seat.  Things can REALLY change fast after that.


Let me know if this works for you.  It really, really worked for me!


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