If Plan A doesn’t work out, then break out plan B. And Plan C. And so on!

I have just finished re-reading my blog from Wednesday thinking “oooh… yeah… I need to do one for today too”.  Again, I nearly forgot to post to you folks, so once again, I apologise.


I do have an excuse though.  Not only have I had a rare and lovely chance to spend a day with my husband who is taking a day off today, but we have had our minds taken up with some other stuff as well, and there is light at the end of that particular tunnel.  It is still a long way off… but I will take it!!

good news

You remember when I posted about our social worker being ill and our adoption panel date in July being at risk?  Well, the bad news is that the poor guy is still not very well and is not going to get back and get on with our report.  I really feel for the guy and hope he gets better soon.   So our case has been booted from the July adoption panel as we expected.   The good news is that the adoption agency is going to hire an independent social worker who will do our assessment from the beginning.  Some people might be irritated that they have to go through the whole process again, but me?  I am THRILLED.  They are really pulling out the (pretty darned expensive) stops to get us to the August panel instead.

obstruction ahead

Of course this plan will come with some pretty large logistical difficulties.  These things always do.  However, with the help of a diary, a calendar, a willingness to get this done and a large dose of help from God, I am feeling confident that we can get this done.   We are so close  I can almost TOUCH it.


This whole process has taught me so many lessons.  First is stickability.  It is not an easy process.  I suppose it is not meant to be.  However, there have been times when I would have been happy to call the whole thing off and get more animals to fulfill my need to look after and care for things.  However… tenacity is a good thing, and I am in this for the long haul.   If I think about it, plan A was having a baby naturally – nope.  Back to the drawing board because I still wanted to be a Mum.  Plan B was infertility treatment – nope, not even the fertility treatment allowed by my religion – but I KNOW my vocation is to be a wife and a mother so, Plan C it is.  Adoption.  Not easy, but the right course for us.

tenacity quote

The second lesson is the power of positive thought (and prayer!).  This time last week, I was just crawling out from a pit of doom laden potential horror and wondering if we were going to make it to the finish line.  And now?  I am positive that we can get there, but it is going to take a lot of hard work.  This would not have happened unless my dear friend Elaine had reminded me to think positively, pull on my big girl knickers and get through it, and if many other friends hadn’t been praying their little socks off.  The Big Feller is showing us the way to get to where we want to be.


The third lesson?  Well, probably the fact that if it came easily, would we appreciate being parents?  If it came easily, would we whine about the early wake ups, the endless laundry, the behaviour problems, the total revolution of our own routines?  Probably.  But having experienced problems time and time again I hope we won’t.  These are the kind of things that we must revel in.  I personally can’t wait to experience the hassle of getting the little one(s) ready to get to Church on time.   Or experience the sleepless nights, monsters under the bed, temper tantrums, teething even.  I know… I am nuts aren’t I?!  But I have been waiting for this for so long.   I HAVE to want to experience it all.  Only then will all this bother be worth it!

keep on

Keep on keeping on people.  It is the only way to get to your goals!



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