Raspberries, raspberries, raspberries.

I LOVE them.

allotment raspberries

The smell, the taste (especially the taste), how they grow, the variety you can have, their long season… I love it all!  In fact, there was one occasion my mother in law gave me a supermarket plastic bag filled with them.  On my 30 minute drive home, I managed to eat all the raspberries in that bag.  I looked like a small child with them smeared all over my face when I got back to my house!  Ooooh but the tasted so nice.  Sure, the little seeds that get in your teeth can be a little bit annoying, but I’ll cope with them.


I know I have written about raspberries before.  I remember being shocked at how powerful they are, so I won’t repeat myself.  Have a search through the blogs and see what you can find.

backgarden raspberries

In other news, I am considering how much of our fruit and vegetable requirements we can actually grow ourselves. I love using produce from the garden to use in our meals, and if it is literally outside the back door, all the better.  We have four raised beds, as well as a little plot we have ear marked for being our vegetable plot.  I reckon we could grow carrots, beets, spinach, lettuce, peas and beans.  We might be able to get some potatoes in the growing bags, and maybe some parsnips as well.  I would love to grow some courgettes (zucchini for my North American readers) and maybe a squash or a pumpkin.    Not sure there would be enough room to do all that though.  Might need some careful planning and clever use of space.  As well as all of that, there is also the chance of using the allotment.


I am not sure if my readers in North America know what an allotment is, but basically, it is land held by the local government authorities which is given over for people to rent small parcels of it and grow their own fruit and vegetables on it.  My husband and I got one about 10 years ago, and after we cleared it and grew stuff on it, we sort of sub let it to my Father in Law.  He has done amazing things with it, and it is very productive.  After going up there and picking the raspberries and some strawberries (and having huge fun doing it) I am rather wondering if I should suggest we take responsibility back from him for its upkeep.  I am happy to share the produce with both my in laws and my Mum when she moves up here (very soon, hopefully).


Do any of you grown your own?  What do you like to grow particularly?  And what is very successful in your plot?



1 thought on “Raspberries, raspberries, raspberries.

  1. lizard100

    Courgettes and French beans are big hitters on our plot every time. The raspberries are great as we I reckoned we had two kg per week for about three months one year. I love them.



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