Baking and multitasking…

In my recent quest to attempt to be less stressed and less frenetic, I have today been concentrating on certain things.  Mostly baking a massive birthday cake for my husband!

birthday cake


I was a wee bit worn out after that, so I have then had an hour or so watching some catch up TV, taking delivery of my latest order of store cupboard items and doing the menu and the shopping list for this coming week.


How’s THAT for multitasking?!


Other than that, not much going on here at the moment.  I hope to have more to say on Firday…!


1 thought on “Baking and multitasking…

  1. Allegra

    That looks yum :o) My OH is 50 today – I have, for the first time since we’ve been together, not baked him a cake….. Reason being, I can’t have sugar (or dairy, or wheat) anymore, and we came to an agreement that it would not be fair on him to make him eat the whole cake himself – not when he is trying to skinny down a bit, at any rate ;o) Instead, he got a single slice of chocolate cheesecake from ‘Trose…. Long as he’s happy, eh ? Happy birthday to your hubby !



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