How to keep cool in all this heat…

I had spent weeks looking forward to entertaining my friend, her husband and her daughter (who is our God-daughter) at our new house.  We had organised a great BBQ, lots of food, drink and lovely stuff.  I had even made (attempted!) a maple walnut ice cream.  Unfortunately, they more or less cancelled last night, due to the fact that our God-daughter appears to have a touch of sun or heatstroke and is completely wiped out by it.  It is probably best that she stays at home, but we are really disappointed.


We are having quite unusual weather in the UK at the moment – i.e. it isn’t raining all summer!  We are actually having hot temperatures and lovely sunshine, so getting a little bit of sun and heatstroke is quite a common occurrence.  I got to thinking, what can we do if we think someone does have a case of over-exposure to the sun?


Obviously, you need to try your hardest to make sure that it doesn’t happen in the first place.  Keep a sun hat on, or close by, as well as a T-shirt or over blouse to put on when the sun is at its strongest, and make sure that you use appropriate sun protection at all times.  The good old Slip, Slap, Slop.  (Slip on a shirt, Slap on a hat, Slop on the sun cream).

meerkat slip slap slop

The other key preventative measure is to keep hydrated.  Drink water, maybe with an odd glass of squash mixed in to vary it.   How much water is okay is dependent on how hot it is and how big you are.  I usually gauge it by the colour of my urine when I go to the toilet.  I am hydrated when it doesn’t have any colour to it at all.  The darker the pee, the more water I need to keep healthy.


So, you have done that and you still feel icky, or you have had an upset stomach or been vomiting during the night, what can you do then?  Well, on Elaine provided her loyal fan club with a great recipe for a rehydration liquid which can help to replace your salts and electrolytes.  If you fly over to that site, put “rehydration” into the search box her blog post with it on will pop right up.


The other thing to remember is that sunstroke and heatstroke are really serious.  If your body has lost its ability to control its temperature, then it could lead to your body going into shock, a coma and death.  If someone is unconscious and you suspect heat stroke… get them to a hospital.  Also, if the complaint is well advanced, get them in water.  A cool bath/shower is a fabulous luxury in hot weather and a great way of keeping cool, as are ice compresses and long cool (non-alcoholic) drinks.  But remember to sip and not gulp it down.


Now, if we could just crack the whole “sleeping in the humid heat when no one has air conditioning” thing Summer would be totally awesome!!




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