Some times the inspiration just flows…

Today is luckily one of those days.  Wednesday totally wasn’t, so I apologise for not blogging then!


I think the inspiration is flowing because I actually managed to sleep last night.  Right through.  From 10.15 pm to 6.30am.  Absolutely blissful!  This is big news for me.  My sleep patterns have always been erratic, so a solid 7 hours is a cause for celebration.


So how have I been inspired?  Well, this blog post first of all.  And some projects on the house and garden as well.


Inspiration is vital for any kind of movement forward, in projects, ideas, solutions for problems, diplomatic solutions…  some more than others.  Chances are you don’t need inspiration to go and weed the beds in the garden.  You need the motivation to get off the sofa and just do it.  The inspiration part comes when you are thinking about what bits go where in the garden, or how to fit the vegetable plot into the space.  The motivation to go out and do the heavy digging… ummm…  I need to find that for later.

lightbulb moment

So how did the inspiration strike me today?  I was cleaning the kitchen.  Not just giving it a swish and swipe but seriously cleaning the kitchen and scrubbing it.  I often find that inspiration strikes when you are doing drudgery sorts of tasks.  It rather seems like your conscious mind is taking something of a holiday and your unconscious mind takes over and gives you a cracking idea.  Well, at least this is how inspiration strikes for me.


And today, the “flash” was on how to update the kitchen without the need of ripping it all out and starting again.  So it is paint colours, what I want to do, how I want to do it.  I tell you, I am so excited by it all.  Heaven knows when I am going to get to it you understand… but at least I have an idea of what to do.  Lots of research to do as well.

buttermilk yellow

I hope you all have a very inspired weekend as well.  Let me know what ideas you get!



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