The first autumnal cold/sniffle/illness…

It would appear that my dear hubby has fallen foul of the first bug of the autumn/winter illness season.


He usually has a cold or some kind of congestion from now until March and then hayfever kicks in, the poor guy, but this year I wanted to be prepared and have some ideas up my sleeve to hopefully make him feel better.  Sure, he can keep using the Lemsips and the over the counter pharmacy preparations, and on some occasions, he will probably have to to keep his tubes clear and operational, but if we can give him a head start with some natural alternatives, then so much the better.

Obviously, chicken soup is FABULOUS when you are feeling grotty.  I have some stocks of some pre-made stuff, and if he is determined to go to work and battle through, then he shall go with some of them.

tomato tea

I did find, in my research on line that I could also make him something they called tomato and garlic tea.  I am not sure I could persuade him to drink it (because he is not wild about tomatoes generally… but I wonder if I could work the ingredients into something he would imbibe without complaint?  The ingredients are tomatoes, garlic, lemon juice and hot sauce.  You put them in a pan, heat them up and drink down.  Sounds great.  I swear my bronchioles are opening just THINKING about that.

It is also a good idea to do a steam inhalation… you know the old stick a towel over a bowl of boiling water, put your head under the towel, breathe in, cough up a lung, repeat until you can breath without coughing.  It really works (plus it does marvellous things for your complexion) and is extra specially effective if you put some herbs or essential oils in there as well.  I am thinking Rosemary, Eucalyptus or Tea Tree Oil would be great.  We have also used a teaspoon of Vicks Vaporub in the water as well… but that really is the heavy artillery!

steam inhalation

And the final idea to help him is something that we do every night anyway.  And that is have a big old steaming mug of tea.  The steam helps the lungs, but good old black tea is chock full of antioxidants.  That will help him feel better as well.

I trust that you have not yet succumbed to a cold!  I can feel that tell tale tickle at the back of my nose… so I am going to indulge in a steam inhalation I think.  Kill it before it takes hold!


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