Giving myself a kick in the pants…

This is not only anatomically impossible, but figuratively quite difficult into the bargain.  However, it is important that I do something to get myself out of my current period of doldrums.  So, self administered bahookie kicking is prescribed.  Let me tell you why.


I have found myself, in the past few weeks, getting into the martyr groove.  You know the one.  The “Oh woe is me, my life is so hard, waah, waah, waah” groove.  The course of thinking which makes you feel like you have the most difficult life in the world ever and that you are put upon and generally not considered and not loved and everything sucks.  Even though the objective evidence is entirely to the contrary.  This has to stop.  Partly because it seriously irritates everyone around me, and partly because it is beginning to hack me off as well.


Here is the empirical truth.  I live in a gorgeous house, with a rain proof roof, stout walls and a central heating system.  Our fridge is working and is full of food.  I have a well stocked pantry and my health along with more energy than I can usually expend in one day.  I live with my life partner and best friend, my husband, who puts up with my crazy moods and my irritating habits and in turn, I put up with his.  I have a big garden that is ripe for change and amendment.  We are in the process of adopting a child/children which will make my dear wish to be a Mother come true.  I have a very supportive network very close around me (Mother and Father in law at the bottom of the garden and my Mum next door but three, to say nothing of my husband’s extended family who I know would pitch in if we hollered for help).  My husband adores me.  I have a car that works and gets me places.  We even have a bit of money in the bank.  Not loads.  But a bit.  Enough.

It is all good.  I am in a better position that the vast majority of the humans on this planet.  I should count myself lucky and appreciate it.

coffee life

Yes, there are little parts of that life that niggle.  There are even parts of life that can leave something of a scab and irritate even more.  But you know what?  Sometimes you need to stop navel gazing and look up at the world.  My life totally rocks.  So I need to appreciate it, grab it by the lapels and drag it as far as I can.  Life is to be lived.  Not moaned and complained over while nursing a cup of dodgy coffee.  If you are going to drug yourself with caffeine (and oh, I really, really do!) make sure it is the best sort of stuff you can get.  Live your life with that attitude to everything.

In this newly dug up spirit of optimism, my to do list at home has changed rather significantly.  After I have posted this blog, I am going to do a couple of my Herbalism study lessons.  It has been a long time since I did one, and I need to get back to doing them regularly.  Then I am going to write some more of my story (well, probably rewrite it.  It would appear that I am deeply in love with adverbs when I write fiction.  I need to stop it and try something else…!), and then if it hasn’t rained by then, I will pop into the garden and rake up some leaves.  Rake up lots of leaves.  I might even pile them all up somewhere and leap into them.  But probably not.  I am feeling optimistic… not masochistic!!

pile of leaves

Then later, I am going to assess the work that needs to be done in the house and come up with a plan to get it all done before the weekends so Hubby and I can arrange time to do fun stuff together… like bake and cook (it is so nice to have a kitchen big enough that we can both be in the same room at the same time!), take the dog on a long country walk, have friends over for a relaxed afternoon and evening, do some gardening together.  You know, the stuff that makes life totally worth living.

What are your plans for making your life brighter?  Let’s all go out there and live the life we have with energy and dynamism.  And if that feels a little tough for you right now… just plaster a smile on your face.  Fake it till you make it people!

Have a great weekend.

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