Autumn and the house…

So who else is fighting a rising tide of leaves and mud in your house?

dog shaking

I love autumn, I really do, but with the rain and the wind we have had this week, and how sodden the ground has become, if this weather continues, we are going to have mud halfway up the walls by Christmas.  It doesn’t help that the dog comes in from her walks (very enthusiastically) and then shakes the mud and grime up any surface that happens to be around, and my husband is something of a world class muck magnet at the best of times.  The combination is rather cataclysmic.

When we moved into this house, a lot of people were telling me that I should redecorate every room immediately.  I can see why they suggested I do that, because with the best will in the world, when one family has lived in the house for 33 years, there are some corners of the place that could do with a bit of a touch up when new people move in.  But I am firmly of the opinion that a house will tell you when it wants to be decorated, and indeed I think it will even tell you how it wants to be decorated, the colours to be used in each room.   Do not call the men in white coats.  Honestly, I am quite sane!

dulux terracotta

I am thinking that painting the hallway might be the first big decorating project.  A wipeable surface is an absolute must.  I can feel myself being drawn to a light terracotta colour, something warm, but not too dark.  The carpet in the hall and on the stairs is a lovely darkish brown colour, so that will work nicely with the palette of colours I have in mind.  But I need to think about window treatments in the hall.  Currently we have roller blinds, but I am thinking of making some blinds myself.

The living room will look rather fabulous in two tones of brown… one lighter tone on the walls and a darker tone in the inglenook fireplace, plus the curtains in there need a refresh as well.  The dining room is probably going to be a willow or a sage green.   It matches nicely with the curtains in there at the moment, but I am hoping to change those curtains shortly but luckily the fabric I am considering will have the same sorts of colours in them.  I have never made curtains before, so it is going to a something of a learning curve, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

cream kitchen

I want to lighten up the wood work in the kitchen as well.  I am thinking of painting the doors and drawers in the kitchen, though I might just clean them and then put yacht varnish all over them once I have got the colour to the right point.  I have the right paint to paint over them if necessary though. I fancy primrose yellow kitchen cupboards and drawers with accents of oak, and perhaps fashion some blackboard sections on the pantry cupboard door.

Obviously I have the baby’s room to get ready, just in case we get news about that soon.  I am thinking of a gender neutral nursery because we do not know which gender we will eventually adopt.  We have some paint which will do, and I have my eye on some gorgeous curtain fabric, which won’t date too much for the children.  It might even take them through to being 10 or 11… with luck!  I am not sure quite what to do in the master bedroom or the spare bedroom, and I am stumped on the guest room come craft room.  So I still need some inspiration to come.

It would seem to be an ideal time to get on with these kinds of project.  We are within spitting distance of finishing the window painting on the back of the house (please pray for decent weather on Saturday and Sunday so we can get the last two coats on!  Please!!!) and then… well, I think we need to get a project underway to take us through to Christmas and onto the spring.  Painting a room is an achievable target, although if the weather is nice I intend to be out in the garden when I possibly can be.  There is masses to do out there as well!!

this is me!


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