Feeling reflective…

And not in a day glow yellow, high visibility sort of way either.


I think it might have something to do with the weather, or the time of year, or the fact that my stupid knee is still not playing ball and I am not able to do all the stuff that I want to do so I have more time to think, but I am definitely churning things over in my mind at the moment.  This can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing.  I am not quite sure which it is this time.

Last night, I decided to get out three books to leaf through and re-read.  I wanted to tell you about these books and they might help some of you out there as well.

sink reflections

The first book I am going to be re-reading is “Sink Reflections” by a lady called Marla Cilley, who goes by the name of FlyLady on the internet.  She has adapted a system for cleaning and staying on top of the jobs in the house and garden which I am a huge fan of.  I found it about 11 years ago, when I was struggling to keep house and go to work full time, and stay on top of everything.  Although I no longer go out to work, I do feel that I could do with a refresher course in her system.  I have a bigger house and a MUCH bigger garden to keep on top of these days and I feel a bit like I am drowning.  I know why I feel that way – the perfectionism monster is creeping about again – but I am hoping a re-read and a “back to basics” approach might help me.

timeless simplicity

The second book I am want to re-read is the book that started off the journey from full time accountant to Homemaker, and hopefully will inspire me to get to the final destination of holistic herbalist and life coach.  It is a think volume by John Lane called “Timeless Simplicity”.  I bought it in the gift shop at the Eden Project in Cornwall, when my husband and I were there on holiday.  I can’t really tell you what drew me to the book, because it genuinely looks very unassuming, but I read it from cover to cover and then felt compelled to underline bits and write notes in the margin.  I NEVER do that in books, usually, so this is a special, special case.  I am hoping it will give me the boot in the backside that I require to get me back on track with my qualification and remind me of why we are doing what we are doing.

back garden self sufficiency

The third book is a relatively new acquisition.  It is entitled “The essential guide to Back Garden Self Sufficiency” and this is really what I aim to be.  I know I won’t ever get to that stage, at least not until I can turn the entire back garden into an allotment for the veg and fruit that we would like to grow and harvest and store, but it does give some really useful hints and tips for getting the veg patch up and running.  It also gives a lot of hints and tips about how to store your harvest, and I hope that this time next year, that is what I am going to be busy doing.

I hope, if you decide to get these books as well, that you enjoy them as much as I have and intend to again.


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