Slip sliding away…

How many of you now have that tune running around your head?  You are most welcome!!

Actually, here in the UK, the temperatures have plummeted and we are finally getting some wintry weather.  November was freakishly warm, so people have been taken by surprise that yesterday we got some snow flurries and this morning we have black ice and other icy patches.  But that is usual December weather.  Unfortunately, it appears the council and schools might have been caught on the hop as well, and there have been some incidents of children slipping over and hurting themselves.  Be careful out there.

So, if you do slip over and fall, here are some remedies you can use to help with your bump and scrape.  Obviously, be sensible.  If you have fallen over and cracked your head on the path, or if you can’t move a joint now you have greeted the pavement with some force, then go to the hospital.  You could have concussion or a broken limb, and with the best will in the world, Herbalism is not going to help you much.

rescue remedy

However, if your pride is dented more than your body, then there are some things that can help.  First of all, I am a HUGE fan of the Bach Flower Remedies, and the Rescue Remedy in particular.  It is a combination of flower essences which work together to calm you down and keep you stress free.  It seriously works.  I have seen a young boy who had taken a tumble from a trampoline go from screaming ab-dabs to total calm in under 5 seconds with 3 drops of the Rescue Remedy.  I also used A LOT of it when I was moving house.  It totally got me through the day – and those directly after!  You can usually pick this up at a health food store, and I would suggest having some in your handbag or your first aid kit.


Then I am going to recommend some Arnica.  You can get it as a cream or in sugar pill form, and either is great.  I prefer the pills, but it is purely a matter of choice.  It is a homeopathic remedy rather than a herbal remedy per se, but it works by bringing out the bruising quickly.  It means the body can heal itself quicker.  Yes, it hurts more to start with, but believe me, it is worth getting it out and dealt with.  You might curse me to begin with, but it does aid healing.

turmeric and honey

If you feel stiff and sore, then take some turmeric and honey tea.  Turmeric is a very strong anti-inflammatory spice, and honey – well that just makes it taste nice!

Actually… that is a good point… hot sweet tea has been a good remedy for shock for generations.  If you are feeling shaky after falling over… then go make yourself a nice cuppa and relax.

I am now off to walk very carefully down the road.  Take care everyone!


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