Hello 2015….!

January is a good time to stop with the looking backwards and start looking forward.  Did you know that the month is named after Janus, the two faced Roman God?  One of his faces looks back and the other looks forward… so here is my personal run down of 2014 just past and 2015 to come.


2014 was quite a ride, wasn’t it?  I know for several of my friends it was a year they would be happy to forget, and I understand that too.  The latter bit of the year was not much fun for me either (waaay too many funerals had to be attended) but when I looked back on the year just past, I had to say… overall, 2014 was very,very good to my husband and I.

We were approved as adoptive parents.  We moved home, which was something I never thought we would do… in fact, I had quite got my head in the place to accept that we would be in our former house for the rest of our days and then… BANG.  Let’s move house….!  Ummm…. okay…!  We sold our previous home and moved into my In Law’s former home.  My Mum moved up to be closer to us. I learned that I am pretty good at painting walls and renovating stools, and I can now make curtains. I kept up this blog, despite time being of the essence a lot of the time. Overall, Some really big changes happened this year.

attitude of gratitude 2

Having expressed enormous gratitude for everything that has happened and the lessons I have learned, I am now thinking about the New Year stretching ahead of us, full of possibility and potential. It is the given wisdom that now, we set resolutions and get on with changing our lives and being better people.  I have to confess, I am a serial resolution setter.  I am also a serial resolution breaker.  I can’t seem to stick to them, no matter how I phrase them, no matter how I think about them.  So this year, I am doing something a little different.

This year… I am setting goals.  Not just any goals either.  These are the “Oh my goodness I have butterflies in my stomach because this is going to be AWESOME” goals.  How did I do it?  I followed the guidance of a very well known personal development speaker.  One Mr Jack Black.  No, not that one.  If you have heard of Mindstore, then you know the person I am talking about.

So… for my first blog of 2015, here is my gift to you.  The links to the four fascinating and rather fabulous goal setting tutorials.  Give yourself 4 days to do them… and then you will have 350 other days in which to reach them.

Happy New Year to everyone who reads this blog, and have fun setting your goals… and more importantly, attaining them!


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