I need a little pick me up…

Today is Groundhog day…. not the irritating 80s movie… but rather the day when a furry rodent peeps out of his burrow and, the superstition says, if he sees his shadow, we get 6 weeks more of winter, and if he doesn’t then Spring is on its way.  The way I am feeling about the weather at the moment, Puxatawny Phil had better not see his shadow, or I am goin’ Groundhog huntin’.


The winter months are long and difficult for everyone, I know, but we are the lucky ones.  We can do stuff inside that makes us feel a little bit better.  It could be reading a deliciously decadent book, or drinking a lovely cup of tea while your toes toast on the fire, or having a long hot bath, even stripping an engine and putting it back together if that is what makes you smile.  Whatever your choice of pampering, February is a jolly good time to do it.


In that spirit, I thought I would go back to my Christmas present book, “Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health”.  There is a recipe in here for a salt scrub which gives the skin an incredible glow.  Once you have used it, your skin is all soft, and feels renewed, relaxed and refreshed.  Sounds flipping perfect for a cold and dour February day, doesn’t it?

So, the ingredients are pretty simple.  You take 2 cups of fine sea salt (available in any supermarket), 4 cups of grapeseed, apricot or almond oil (but lets face it, Olive oil will do the trick just as well, and be a lot less expensive!) and 25 drops of the essential oil of your choice.  I think I would choose cinnamon leaf, but then I am a cinnamon addict, but Lavender, Lemon or Neroli would all work well too.

salt scrub

You put the salt into a wide mouthed jar and cover with the oil.  Scent it with the essential oil and store it in a cool area (so in my house, that is any of the North Facing windowsills… brrrrrr!).  To use it, you dampen your entire body, use your hands or a bath mitt (I crochet my own out of twine) vigorously but gently massage the salt and oil mixture into your skin.  Start at the feet and work upwards in a circular motion.  You need to be careful to avoid any scratched or wounded areas (because the salt will get in the wound and you will require scraping off the ceiling!) and when you are done, rinse off with warm water.  You can finish the process with a dry towel rub.

spring flowers

Your skin will be glowing, you will feel a whole heap better about life until Spring, and if you combine it with a face mask and a hair conditioning treatment… what a fabulous and frugal pampering session!!

Enjoy everyone… and lets hope that Groundhog doesn’t see his shadow!!


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