When herbalism needs help from conventional medicine…

I haven’t posted here for so many weeks, but I think my excuse is probably the best one there is.

My last post detailed how my husband and I were about to start the introduction process to our son, who we welcomed into our family via Adoption.  Although the legal process still has a way to go, I am pleased to report that the little fellow has settled into our home very well, and I can’t really remember a time when he wasn’t part of our lives.

motherhood 1

I have a new found understanding for how tired Mothers can be.  I am blessed with a child who sleeps soundly through the night, and even when he is grumpy, he hardly grizzles or gets upset.  He’s teething, and still, he is a ray of sunshine.  I know we are lucky.  But I am still on my knees with fatigue, and I am so tired, I think even my tired is tired.  I am sleeping every single night for 8 to 10 hours, depending on when I haul myself up to bed, and yet I wake feeling as tired as I went to sleep.  Put it this way, I am so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, I have voluntarily headed to the medical doctor to get tested and rule out lots of possible things this could be.

Do I feel like I am traitor to my Herbalism dream?  Should I be just taking natural remedies to make myself feel better?  Well, it would be nice if I could, but no, I am not a traitor, and no, I am not going to say I won’t take chemical treatments if that is what is called for.  I am a realist if nothing else.


I love that I can grow things to help me and maybe keep me healthy, but asking questions and working out what is wrong with someone else, can only go so far.  Herbs do not cure you… they support your body to do the curing on its own, and there are some things where Herbs are not going to cut it.  For example, thyroid disease.  No amount of eating foods which stimulate the thyroid gland is going to help you if your thyroid gland is not performing correctly.  Also Cancer.  Although a healthy diet and clean eating is a good preventative for getting some forms of cancer, there is still a risk that you will get sick from one of the other forms of cancer, and quite frankly, herbs are going to be the least of your worries.  Another example, Multiple Sclerosis.  I have several friends with the disease and as much as I would like to tell them that eating this one herb is going to cure them… umm… no.  I would be a fraud, no better than a snake oil salesman if I told them that.

complimentary and conventional

That is why I believe it is important that Herbalism and Conventional medicine work hand in hand.  I do not have the capacity to perform a spectrum of tests that the GP can perform.  I do not have the medical training.  But I can tell you that if you use herbs you can boost your immune system, you can reduce inflammation, you can feel better in yourself.   I think that is worth something in itself.

In the meantime, I am interested to see what the blood tests show up for me.



1 thought on “When herbalism needs help from conventional medicine…

  1. viridianherbalist Post author

    I am pleased to report that the Nurse who took my blood (all four vials of it!) was absolutely excellent and didn’t have to poke around for a vein. Not only that, but she said the results would be back in 3 days, so to call on Monday and make an appointment to see the General Practitioner to discuss the results after that.



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