Viridian Herbalist – Using Nature to support Healing and Health

My name is Clare Rickett, and I am the owner and operator of Viridian Herbalist Ltd.  My wish is to provide Herbal remedies for individuals, grown and made by me, to provide vitality and health for everyone, at affordable prices so that everyone can benefit.

I have been a passionate and enthusiastic gardener for several years, and I know that growing your own food, organically, produces food which tastes so much better than the mass produced stuff you can get in the supermarket.  Using that better flavour, and the natural healing qualities of herbs, flowers, fruit and vegetables, my dream is to provide remedies for anyone who needs them.

I think of Herbalism as an extension of gardening, as well as an extension of my personal spirituality.

Herbalism is a change of career for me, as I am a qualified accountant, but I have embarked on an intensive course of study to learn more about using nature to support health and healing.  This blog will support this learning,offering me an opportunity to write about topics which interest me, provide recipes for you to make your own remedies, as well as hopefully launch my new business venture.  

So why a new career direction?  I have (at least) another 30 years of working ahead of me, and I want to get up in the morning and be filled with love for what I am going to do to earn money for my family.  Even though I enjoyed the challenges of working with numbers, I also want to inspire people to look at the world around them and see all that nature can provide.  I want to offer the chance to heal yourself naturally and live closer to nature.

Welcome!  Let’s travel together on this exciting journey.

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