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Medicine is NOT healthcare

I recently saw this poster on Pinterest.  I loved it so much, I pinned it twice.



This has been moving around and around in my head all weekend, and I wanted to explore it a little bit more in my blog post this morning.


Before I start, I want you folks to know that I am full of admiration for the medical profession.  Their training is brutal.  They have to remember HUGE amounts of stuff.  Most of them went into the profession for the right reason, to make people better, and healthier and to give back to their local or global community.  Not only that, but medicine can do amazing things.  It can cure Cancer.  It can help people with debilitating and progressive diseases live something approaching a normal life.  But somewhere along the line, something has gone wrong.


I have heard from many people (and experienced it on the rare occasions that I go to the Doctor) that when they go to their General Practitioner most people are given a prescription for something after just 5 minutes of consultation.  In the UK, GPs have to see a certain number of patients everyday, so it means they only have a certain amount of time for each patient.  It is clear that they do not have time to even take the meerest peek at their patients medical records, let alone take a good look at them and work out what is really wrong with them.  They listen to what the patient has to say, make a snap judgement about what is happening to them and then decide on the course of treatment, all in a maximum of 10 minutes.  I don’t care how well trained you are, that is not going to work for the patient.  At best, you are treating the symptoms only.  At worst, you are just prescribing something to get the present patient out of the door and onto the next one.  What this means is that you are just treating the symptoms.  You are not approaching the whole question of health and why the patient is not as healthy as they should be.


After my weekend, when my hubby and I drank our monthly bottle of wine (over the two days, and yes, that will be it for the entire month!) and we ate pizza and had sweets and all kinds of bad stuff for us, I can tell you, I do not feel particularly well.   I am not “ill” per se, but I am not fizzing with vitality like I should be.    So, back to eating properly, and if I want something sweet, I will have an apple.  Imagine if everyone stopped eating convenience food and ate proper food, cooked from scratch.  I reckon the queues in the doctors surgeries would reduce significantly.  They wouldn’t disappear altogether, because people will always get ill, but there might be a bit more time for the doctors to talk to their patients and actually LISTEN to them.


Obviously, I am going to bang the drum for holistic healthcare.  I am studying it, with a view to doing it as a business.  Of course I am going to say this is the better course.  Yet, I can’t help thinking that taking a longer time and looking at the wider view of the patients life will allow the Healthcare professional  to have a much clearer and rounded view of the person in front of them.


That, and  the onus needs to go back onto the citizens to keep their health in the best way they can.  We need to eat good food.   We need to stop relying on convenience and trash food.   There is a generation of parents who have no idea how to cook a meal from scratch.   We need to get people back into their kitchens, cooking properly.  It doesn’t have to take hours.  It doesn’t have to be more expensive.  But it has got to be healthier to know what is in your dinner, hasn’t it?