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More reasons to eat fruit…

Recently the news has had stories about how eating fruit is not a good idea because the sugar is bad for you and will rot your teeth.  Well, that might be true, though I would prefer natural sugar in the form of fructose than the simulated forms of sugar like aspartame.  But there are some really, really good reasons to eat fruit.


Cherries have featured quite heavily in this weeks’ blog posts, and not only are they good for relieving inflammation, they are also fantastic for calming the nervous system.  Grapes are good for relaxing your blood vessels, and the old adage of an apple a day keeps the doctor away is absolutely true!  Apples actually help to boost the immune system.


Peaches – I personally don’t like them because the furry skin makes my mouth feel weird, but they are vitamin and mineral powerhouses.  A peach contains potassium, fluoride and iron!  I might have to get over the fuzzy lip thing.  Watermelon is also an amazing fruit.  Thirst quenching, it also helps to regulate your heart rate.  Oranges help with good skin and good vision and strawberries are potentially excellent for anti-aging and anti-cancer!    Blueberries also protect your heart from damage.


And now, some tropical fruits.  Bananas are great for energy and help to prevent cramps because they are packed with potassium.  Pineapples can help to fight arthritis, kiwi fruit help to increase your bone mass (very important if you have osteoporosis) and Mangoes help to protect against cancer.


Looking at my fruit bowl, it could do with a bit of a makeover!  And fruit beats chocolate.  Well, it does for me anyway!