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Today I am on a very long car journey…

In North American terms, it is a bit of trip, but in terms of the UK, I am travelling a long way indeed.  Although North America has a lot more miles, we have a lot more people in one place … so driving here is a lot more difficult that you might think.  I will be travelling over 400 miles in a day, because I am off to fetch my Mum so that she can spend a week up with us in the new house.


I love driving, and I am happy to undertake long journeys, but it got me thinking about natural remedies you can use to make long journeys easier if you are not overwhelmingly thrilled with the thought of them.

cinnamon sticks

There are some pressure bracelets you can get, which use reflexology and acupuncture and pressure points to stop you feeling travel sick.  I know they have been used on ferry journeys to great effect.  There is also ginger and cinnamon which have been proven to help that nausea, and perhaps more surprisingly, diet coke!  I don’t know why that works, but it really does!


The biggest problem for me when I am on a long journey is getting tired.  I like to chose a radio station with some peppy music, maybe get the window open and let some air fly around (though not too much because it does horrible things to the petrol consumption!), but probably the best advice is to stop every 2 hours to walk around before getting back on the road.

mint tea

Incidentally, even though I am a HUGE coffee addict (sorry… I meant fan.  I am a coffee fan!) I would not suggest driving and drinking lots of coffee.  Peppermint tea is probably a better bet.


I hope to able to post on Thursday having safely returned home with our VIP (Very Important Parent!) for her mini-break with us.


Inexpensive ways to relax

I could really do with a relaxing massage or a spa day.   But unfortunately, the old bank balance will not run to a day at a posh spa somewhere, and I don’t have the energy to whistle up a spa day at home.  I think the stuff I would need has actually been packed and moved already, and it will add to the stress levels to try and find them rather than reduce them!   What other possibilities are there for methods of relaxing and de-stressing?


The two things these relaxation methods must be are a) inexpensive or free and b) not going to take forever to put together.  I want to relax and I want to relax now.  So, after some brief internet research, here are my top ten ideas.


1.  Grab a book you have been longing to read, a cup of tea and a chair.  Sit back and enjoy.  If you have children in the house, it might not last long, but grab the relaxation at any opportunity you can.  


2.  Sleep.  The cheapest thing you can do.  I am a huge fan of afternoon naps.  I don’t mind if I nap in a chair, on the sofa or in my own bed, or whether it is a catnap or a snorefest.  I love sleep.  Kind of ironic that it doesn’t seem to like me much though.

3. Do some tai chi, yoga or stretching.  There are loads of internet resources to help matters, or if you have a Nintendo Wii languishing in the corner, get it out, get the Wii Fit board out and do some yoga.  


4.  Take a walk in the countryside.  I am so lucky, because I have it on my doorstep.  Ten minutes, and I am in the wilds of North Nottinghamshire, and can forget about the world at large and appreciate the small things around me.  

st barnies

5.  Find your local church and go in.  Even if you don’t believe, appreciate the architecture, appreciate the silence.  Pray if you want to, or just appreciate the ambience.  Be respectful though.  If you don’t believe, others do, and there is no need to offend anyone.


6.  Take the dog for a surprise walk.   I don’t know about you, but our dog has a walking routine.  A surprise walks makes her very happy, and her being happy, makes me happy.  If I do this, I will also try to walk mindfully. By this I mean breathe deeply and relax your upper body.  No point holding a stress position when you are trying to  relax!


7.  Listen to your favourite music.  Whether it is classical, hip hop, heavy metal, dance music, rock and roll… whatever.  Dance if you want to, or just sit and let it wash over you.  Enjoy it!


8.  Learn a new skill.  I have expanded my range of crafty skills using this one.  I taught myself to crochet and relearnt how to knit, as well as cross stitch and embroidery.  Next on my list is to relearn how to sew my own clothes.  


9. Turn off all of the technology and go old school for fun.  Jigsaws, board games, charades, whatever.  Play I-spy with stuff around the house or in the garden.  In fact, with spring on its ways and summer around the corner, go outside and weed the garden.  You can work out some aggression while weeding the borders and laughing with whoever you can convince to come out with you.


10.  Call a friend and have a really good chat.  I love doing this.  I always try and steer clear of the reasons for feeling stressed and just laugh about old times or organise to meet up and have a fun day with them.  


I hope these tips help you.  They will be a reference for me too over the next few weeks!