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Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness…


And annoying neighbours burning wet leaves and effectively smoking you out of your own garden.  I tell you, if I wasn’t so tired from all I have done today, and interested in rotting my leaves down for soil improvement purposes… I would return the favour.  When their washing is on the line.  Just saying.

Anyway… Autumn is officially here.  The nights are drawing in, the leaves are turning brown and falling off (they don’t really turn pretty colours in the UK… they just go brown and hit the deck), and in theory, the garden should be full of stuff to harvest and store for the winter.  Obviously, this year we haven’t had a chance to really get our garden producing anything much because we haven’t been in it long enough.  I can tell you we have had a lovely crop of tomatoes, our chilli peppers are looking great, we have some aubergines (eggplants) coming on in the greenhouse, we have had 6 cucumbers from 1 plant, which I think is pretty awesome… Over all, I am really happy with what we have managed to produce.

pretty veg patch

But… ooh the plans that I have.  First of all though we need to dispose of a box hedge which is in the way, and then I am going to dig myself a veg patch.  We are going to grow those veggies which we love to eat – peas, beans, courgettes, pumpkins, onions, lettuce, radishes, potatoes (but in bags, not in the ground), carrots (the same as the potatoes), beetroot, spinach, maybe I will try some brussels sprouts (though maybe not… cos they can be tricky little blighters.)  The patch is going to have a border of dwarf fruit trees (which we already have and which are currently in pots) and a little fence as well – with strawberries growing by the little fence as well.  Can you picture it?

One of the beds which currently houses a whole load of fuschias (shudder – I loathe the things) and other assorted items which have self seeded there, will be cleared and it will become my medicinal herb bed, with a backdrop of the most gorgeous peonies.  Lots of lovely things will grow there… and will no doubt feature in future blog posts as well!


All of the specimen plants which can be moved, will be transplanted across the lawn to the perennial border.  That needs a serious haircut on all fronts.  And I have some bay trees which have got all wild and wooly this year and need significant taming.  (I wish it looked half as nice as the one in the picture at Sheringham Park!!  Maybe in a few years time…!)

So, autumn might be the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness… but it is also the time for fervent planning and plotting, as well as dreaming of future produce.  So tonight I shall dream of full cornucopia… and a medicine cabinet full of home made remedies.


The new plan…

I am a person who is motivated by plans.  I need to have one to make sure I am working smarter as well as sometimes harder.  I have more energy when I have clear goal, and if I can get something down on paper that I can look at and measure progress again, well, I am in clover.  (Sometimes, I also worry about myself and whether I really need to get out more!)


I have noticed in the last couple of months that my direction has somewhat drifted.  This is not really surprising given the fact I was moving house and settling in and all that, but I noticed last week that I had a distinct lack of motivation to write the blog everyday.  I also noticed that my Herbalism studies have REALLY backslided.  Although there is an excuse, if I want my new life to happen, I need to take myself in hand and get on with it again.  So, it got me thinking.  How on earth am I going to fit this in to the life I am leading now in the big house, with the big garden and the prospect of children thrown into the mix as well?


Well, the obvious answer is that I need to make time for everything I want to do.  So, cue a piece of paper and a pen, and a list of my priorities.  This blog is definitely on this list, because I thoroughly enjoy writing it, and it keeps my literary muscles flexing.  It is a good habit to have.  But it does take quite some time to get the idea, write the blog, edit the blog, edit it again, find the pictures, put it all together and publish.  And frankly, I could use that time for my other priorities.


And here we come to the crux of the matter.  What I intend to do therefore is to reduce the number of times in a week that I blog.  I am going to aim to blog three times in a week.  Ideally, that would be Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but it needs to be flexible, so I might sneak one in on a weekend if the other days get a bit packed with things to do (like adoption meetings, Mum and baby groups, cleaning, studying, gardening etc).  My plan is also to have a kind of theme to each time I blog.  So, Mondays I envisage being about Herbalism/Gardening/Nutrition, Wednesdays will be about Life Coaching and Personal Management and Fridays can be stuff about studying and any micro-business stuff I might want to blog about.


I would really love to have your feedback about this new structure.  Lets let it bed in for a couple of weeks, and if you think there can be some tinkering around the edges, I would love to hear your ideas.


Now… I am off to hang out wet washing and then do some weeding in the garden.  I have to… it’s on my plan!