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Lent has begun…

I don’t know if you know, but Lent has begun.


In Christianity, Lent is the 40 days before Easter and tradition has it that you should make a sacrifice during this time as a reflection of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us all on Good Friday.  Thankfully, nothing as major as getting crucified is required, but I do try and do something challenging over Lent.  It seems only right to do that, given what He did for us.  Giving up chocolate doesn’t seem appropriate when I can take or leave it generally and rarely eat it anyway.

In years past I have given up caffeine.  That was really, really hard; not just on me but on anyone within ear shot of me.  I get really grumpy without caffeine.  So, in the spirit of being kind to my husband, I decided to give up sugar instead.

no sugar

Now, if I was being all medieval and hardass about it, I would give up all refined carbohydrates for Lent and just eat meat and fruit and vegetables.  However, having done the Atkins diet years ago, I know that style of eating is not as easy as it sounds.  I also learned that my body needs carbohydrates to work properly, and I do not want to go through the kind of pain my digestive tract put me through last time.

So, instead, I am giving up all the fake sugar and the added sugar that I seem rather adept at keeping in my diet, despite being careful about what I eat.  I am not going to drink diet or “full fat” sodas.  I am not going treat myself to candy or sweets.  I am not going to have pudding, dessert or fake sugared anything.  I am allowing myself to continue to eat fruit and vegetables though, so I won’t come down with scurvy or kill my nearest and dearest when I am jonesing for sugar.  Who knows, maybe I will be able to re-educate myself into craving an Orange rather than Fizzy Cola Bottles or Jelly Beans.  Yeah… I am not going to hold my breath on that one either!


So why sugar?  Well, I know I am addicted to it.  As a pre-diabetic (and I have been for nearly 20 years, which is allegedly impossible according to the medical textbooks, but I have managed it…!) I should avoid sugar anyway.  It is also not great for the eating plan I am following and having success with at the moment, and also, I have often had issues with candida infestations, so starving it of sugar is a really, really good idea.

Lent is going to be tough this year, no question, but I am hoping to come out of it with better habits than I went into it.  What are you giving up for Lent?


One method of Life Coaching…

I have been doing a lot of research about Life Coaching.  I must admit that when I first started studying, I was not at all sure about this aspect of my qualification.  I thought it was going to be a lot of bluster and faff and really rather useless.  To my surprise, I have absolutely loved it, gained a great deal from reading around the topic and in fact, I can quite see it becoming most of my work when Viridian Herbalist goes live.


While I have been doing my research online, I have found various methodologies of coaching to think about, and I want to share one with you today, because it makes so much sense to me.


The essence of life coaching is to help people achieve their goals.  There is every likelihood that the client will have issues in one area of their life which is putting up some kind of obstacle between where they are and where they want to be.  Sometimes the client will have a clear understanding of where that obstacle might be (and it might not just be one… it could be a whole obstacle course!) but on other occasions, they might not even know what they want out of life at all.  So, Life coaches tend to have their own differing ways of assessing their clients requirements and getting to a solution.

cart wheel

One such methodology I have found is that of a cart’s wheel.  I love this analogy.  If you have a wonky wheel, then moving forward is going to be incredibly difficult.  Each part of the wheel looks at a different aspect of life.  It has 12 spokes, and each of these spokes correspond to something different.  On the chart I found we have nutrition, exercise, stress mastery, relationships, finances, work, play, health care, environment, life purpose, self esteem and finally spirituality.  And right at the centre is the hub of it all, self care.


If you think about it, all of those areas mentioned above need to be balanced and addressed to have a happy and healthy life.  If any of them are out of balance, then you are going to feel a little off and you won’t be able to achieve whatever it is you want to.  The most important of these though, is the centre of the wheel, the self care.  It is like being on an air plane where they say in the safety talk to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others to do the same.  You need to take care of yourself to make sure you can take care of anyone who depends on you.


As a life coach, I would see my role as to initially see where my client is in terms of balance on this wheel.  I would suspect that most people will be higher in some areas than in others.  Getting that balance right is going to be key to the happiness of the client and the eventual achievement of their goals.  But I suspect, more often that not, I will be providing blinding glimpses of the obvious.  Sometimes you need a person outside of your life to show you a direction and what you need to do.


I can not think of anything more rewarding than that!