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Staying with the hairy theme…

My favourite book “Home Remedies from a Country Doctor” is a mine full of interesting information, especially about all kinds of hair problems, not just the departure of it like I wrote about yesterday.

apple cider vinegar

One interesting little titbit was that if your hair is looking dull and lifeless you could use an apple cider vinegar rinse.  Especially if you live in a hard water area, you can get mineral build up on your hair.  You can also get build up from some commercial shampooing products, so it can help to shine up the hair a little as well.  It is important to remember that you need to rinse your hair really, really well after using the rinse at the end of your shampooing routine, or else you might go around for the whole day smelling like a salad dressing!  Also, some people’s hair can be made lighter using the acidic vinegar, so if it is turning a colour you are not happy with, then cease using the vinegar.


Another chemical that can cause problems with hair is chlorine.  If you love swimming in the local pool, or if your local water is quite heavily chlorinated, it can really build up on your hair.  Apparently making a paste with some bicarbonate of soda and using between your shampoo and your conditioner will completely remove the build up.  A tablespoon on bicarb and a cup of water ought to do the trick.

tangled hair

When I wore my hair long, the worst thing was waking up in the morning to a terrible tangle.  Last week I got my hair cut really nice and short.  Now I wake up looking like a startled hedgehog.  I know which look I prefer!  There are lots of causes of tangles, and knots and not just restless sleeping.  My trusty book has lots of advice though, so never fear.


When trying to get tangles out work from the bottom up, rather than the top down.  Be patient, and be gentle.  You don’t want to rip the hair out from the root just to get the knot out, no matter how effective that might be.  Always untangle the hair before washing.  Getting the tangles wet will not help matters at all.


Other advice includes using wide tooth combs and then moving to a fine tooth comb when tangles are out, and using soft bristles on hair brushes.

beer as a hair conditioner

Old wives tales to help with hair problems include using beer as a conditioner.  Apparently the Queen Mother used to do this for her hair… but in this house beer is used as a beverage, not a hair wash!  Also you can use eggs or mayonnaise as a conditioner (but be careful about scrambled eggs happening if the water is a bit hot).  Lemon juice can work like Apple Cider vinegar and lighten your hair colour, there is chamomile tea which can help to lighten blond hair and peppermint tea can encourage scalp stimulation for thicker, fuller looking hair.


If you do try any of these, let me know how they work out!