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Recharging the batteries…

I am not talking about the natty little rechargeable ones which mean you aren’t littering landfill with lots of horrible things (though they are pretty cool).  No, I am talking about the personal batteries.  The ones which keep you going and which mean that you are able to keep on doing everything you need to do and want to do.


Before I really start this post, I need to confess something.  I am rubbish at this.  I rarely (if ever) give myself time to do things purely for the benefit of myself.  I basically work myself to the bone for everyone else and then feel baffled when I basically hit a wall and don’t want to carry on a further single step.  Hello there, classic burn out.  This weekend, I realised I was getting perilously close to this point again.  The clues included yelling at the husband for no reason whatever,  feeling perilously close to tears at several points, having no energy whatever (real classic that one), and feeling utterly overwhelmed at everything I see I have to get done.


Reading lots of websites, it appears that I am not the only one who suffers this.  I am ridiculously happy about this, because let’s face it, misery loves company.  There are lots of different pieces of advice about how to sort it out, but the basic tenet of all of them is about carving out some time for yourself in the day.  There are almost as many ways of doing that as there are websites out there.  There is the exercising camp (yoga, Insanity DVD, the Shred, walking, jogging, swimming, etc), the praying camp (be that meditation, prayer, a combination of the the two), the ignore it and do what you want to camp… and many, many more.


But I wanted this post to be about things you could actually DO to recharge the batteries.  I am assuming that we all have the skills to prioritise and carve out time in the day to recharge our batteries.  The bit we don’t have is the list of things which will actually do the recharging.  Certainly, that is one thing I am ridiculously rubbish at.  All I see when I look around is all the jobs that need to be done, and not the nice bits I could do that would put a smile on my face.  So, here is a quick run down as an aide memoire for me, and perhaps some ideas for you.


1. Moisturise.  Not just your face, but your feet, elbows, dishpan hands.  It takes less than 30 seconds but can help make you feel much better about yourself and life in general.

water drop

2.  Drink water.  It will flush your system out, give you added oomph and more than likely, more time in the smallest room in the house.  Admittedly if you have children or pets, this is unlikely to be alone time… but you have to take your rest times when you can!  Ahem!!


3.  Do absolutely nothing for 15 minutes.  No hobby work, no jobs, no reading, no watching television, NOTHING.  It is hard in this busy world to actually do this, because we are used to being full on for 24/7 but it is worth trying.  If you can be outside in nature when you do it, then you can crank up the effect even more.  (This is really tricky because when I sit in the garden I end up with a loong list of jobs to do… but hey… I am still a novice at this relaxing thing).


4. Read something light and fluffy.  I haven’t done that for AGES, but when I got back from my University terms, I used to head for the library and the soppy romance books and pick something very easy on the brain, the mental equivalent of lying down.  I think I need to do the same again!!


5. Smile.  There is a phrase about faking it till you make it, but that is not what I mean here.  I mean, even if you really, really don’t feel like it… put a smile on your face.  Smiling releases endorphins which make you feel better.  Smiling also makes other people smile back at you.  Spread the joy slightly.


So, on the basis that these 5 things are pretty simple to do, I am going to attempt to do them today and see what happens.  I shall report back as to the success of them and whether the batteries are indeed recharged at the end of it!



Ouch… herbal pain relievers…

The idea for this morning’s blog has come out of yesterdays topic.  It is all well and good trying to prevent inflammation, but sometimes, the pain is there and although it isn’t bad enough to reach for the painkillers (remember what I said… if you need them, use them!) you wish there was something you could take naturally for it.


The good news is that yes, there are several different things you can try.  Of course, there are also lots of different sorts of pain.  I was going to give you the top ten natural painkillers… but I have actually found 11 of them.  So here comes the top 11 natural painkillers.


Number one is Garlic.  I loooove garlic, and it is absolutely awesome as an antibiotic.  I remember it being referred to as Russian Penicillin.  It is also good for earache.  That is one of the worst forms of pain you can have to my mind.   If you infuse some oil with crushed garlic and then drop the warmed oil into the ear (by the drop rather than the gallon) it works a treat apparently.  Thankfully, earache is not something I usually suffer with, for which I am very, very grateful!

cloves 2

Second on the list is cloves.  Cloves are fabulous for toothache and gum inflammation (plus they taste fabulous with Ham.  Sorry… I digress!)   I think toothache is almost as miserable as earache.  You do have to be careful with clove oil, the essential oil, though.  It can be very, very powerful.  I would actually put one clove in the mouth and crunch it.  That should do it.  Your breath will smell spicy, though you might need a gallon or so of water to wash the woody bit of the clove out of your mouth!


Three is Apple Cider Vinegar again.  Apparently it is great for heartburn, which is another good reason for taking it before you eat in some water.

ginger root

Four is ginger.  Ginger is great for muscle pain and is actually a constituent of several of the popular muscle balms you can get.  It also smells fabulous and tastes even better.


Cherries and Tumeric come in at five and six on this list.  I wrote about them yesterday, so please refer back if you are interested!

peppermint oil

Peppermint comes in at number 7.  It says in my research that Peppermint is good for sore muscles, but I also know it is EXCELLENT for headaches.  It is actually the menthol in the essential oil which is the force at work.  I also love the smell.  It is fresh and vibrant and green.  Yes, smells can be green.  Don’t look at me like that!  I know what I mean!


A strange entry at number 8 is pineapple.  It is great for stomach bloating and gas.  Actually, this makes sense because pineapple is packed with important enzymes, and as your stomach is a veritable maelstrom of enzymes, pineapple is likely to even things out.  Lets face it, a bloaty and gassy tummy is all about imbalance somewhere in the system, so anything to even the scales is a good thing.

water drop

Good old water is number 9.  If you have a lot of pain, keep up the water intake.  Dehydration plus pain is not a pleasant mixture, and should be avoided.  Apparently water is good for general injury and pain.  I take that to mean, if in doubt, drink water.


Number 10 is Horseradish.  This is great for sinus pain.  Of course, while it is clearing the blockages, it causes significant sinus pain, but boy oh boy does it work a treat on a blocked sinus cavity.


And… drum roll please… number 11 is for the pain and discomfort caused by bladder and urinary tract infections.  Blueberries.  Interesting… I knew about cranberries but apparently blueberries have the same chemical in them and so both are good for helping to clear them up.


That was an interesting bit of research for me to do, and I hope it helps you too.

Do you have pets at home?

Our house is home to 3 animals.  No, I am not including the husband in that count.  I have two cats and a dog.  The two cats are Mo (15), Alfie (5) and the dog is Dotty (2).  Flea treatments are important to us, but I really do not like using the chemicals available.  So what natural remedies are there for use on animals?


My research has come up with several.  Citrus skins are useful.  Rubbing a small amount of lemon or orange juice on the skin of your pets, between the shoulder blades can really help.  As can using Brewers Yeast in their food.  A small amount of garlic in the dry food daily can help, but it should not be used for cats because it can cause anaemia in them.

This is NOT either of my cats!

This is NOT either of my cats!

You could always attempt to dip the animal in water.  You could use a gentle shampoo as well.  I am thinking the cats would definitely not appreciate that (first I would have to catch them.  They move fast!), and the dog… well, even though she is part Labrador, she is not wildly keen on water.  Mind you, the past two weekends, we have had to give her a bath because she has rolled in something disgusting.  So those Labrador genes will out somehow!


One thing I do all the time with 3 animals in the house, is to vacuum.  If we keep the floor clean with a natural disinfectant (steam cleaning is brilliant!) that can also stop the reinfection of  fleas.  Make sure to regularly clean the bedding and to vacuum round their favourite hangout spots.

rose geranium oil

If you have ticks in your area, then you can make a tick collar, by putting a few dabs of Rose Geranium Essential oil on the fabric of the collar, and ticks will avoid your beast.


If your cat or dog still has an itchy and irritated skin, then you can use Chamomile tea in a spray bottle.  Make the tea, put it in the spray bottle and then put it in the refrigerator.  Apply to the itchy and uncomfortable part of the skin.  Vitamin E oil is great for Dogs dry skin.  But you can also use baby oatmeal.  Add a little water to make a paste and then rub it into the itchy areas.  Leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water.  And that Chamomile tea bag?  You can use it on irritated and infected pet eyes as well.


Hmmm… all the pets have disappeared somewhere.  I wonder if they know I am going to be chasing them around with lemons?!


Have a great Sunday!

What to do if you have a sinus infection

Round at our house, sinus infections are a common problem.  Unfortunately, my husband has cavernous sinuses and he gets blocked and infected ones all the time.  We have found that using the drugs and treatments available at the pharmacy have caused a problem with creating nose bleeds and other “lovely” things.  So, that got me thinking about some possible natural remedies for the pain and misery of sinus infections.

apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is a good remedy apparently.  It helps to thin congested mucus.  A tablespoon in a glass of water, twice a day should do the trick.  It also seems to be a super remedy for all kinds of things.


A new remedy on me is Grapefruit seed extract.  Apparently it is a natural antibiotic.  It is very sour in taste though, and everybody has a different tolerance to it as a remedy.  You should be able to find it as a supplement in the health food store, and you should begin with a small dose and gradually increase it.

water drop

Also, keep drinking water regularly.  If you are hydrated, and the mucus tissues in the nose are also hydrated, then the irritation to the sinus lining will be kept to a minimum and you should be able to shift the mucus out of the nose as well.  (Sorry, that is kind of disgusting)


And an old traditional remedy.  Have a very hot curry.  If you imbibe Cayenne Pepper, Garlic, Onion and Horseradish, not only will you have a very firey curry on your hands, but your sinuses will feel very relieved.  Garlic was always known as “Russian Penicillin” in our house, and it certainly helps relieve the discomfort of sinus infections.


If you are suffering, then try and avoid mucus forming foods.  These include flour products, eggs, chocolate, fried and processed foods, sugar and dairy products.


I hope this helps you and you get some relief.  Have a lovely weekend.

Why Water? The reasons to stay hydrated…

Everyone knows that the human body is mostly made of water.  Which is really amazing when you consider what we do with our bodies every day.  We also all have heard the repeated proclamations that we need to drink enough water for health, but that got me thinking.  How much is enough, and why is it so important?

water drop

In order to calculate how much water you need to drink, I found this formulae in my research.  Take your body weight in pounds, divide it by two, and the result is the number of US fluid Ounces you need to drink.  As I am in the UK, we tend to use a mix of Imperial and Metric, so I then changed it to Litres.  Apparently, I need to drink 4 litres of water.  Per day.  Wow.  I need to up my water intake, considerably!!  In doing so, I shall also be upping my visits to the smallest room in the house.  Thank heavens we have a downstairs toilet!


So, why is water so important?  Taking in enough water helps to lessen the burden on kidneys and your liver by flushing out waste products, so those very important filtration organs can function more easily.  Water also dissolves minerals and nutrients to make them accessible to the body and water also carries those nutrients and oxygen to the cells in the body.  This function basically protects the organs from damage and harm and keeps the tissues moist and working.  Water is essential for the happy functioning of the eyes, mouth and nose.

tap water

Water makes up 75% of your brain.  When you are hungover, the reason you often get a headache is due to dehydration, that is, you have less water than you actually need for appropriate functioning.  It has been said that brains work better if you are properly hydrated, which is very important for children at school, and anyone taking important exams.


It also regulates your body temperature.  There are those who say that if you drink ice cold water, you might burn a few more calories, because your body has to work harder to get the water up to body temperature.  I am not sure that actually is the case, but I prefer drinking cold water than room temperature water!  Drinking water before you eat a meal helps you control the amount you eat and therefore helps control calorie intake.  Water also lubricates the joints, so if you are exercising (or going back to exercising like I am) you need to drink your water.


Water also helps prevent constipation, decreases fatigue, helps you burn fat and keeps your skin looking young.  What is there not to like about all that?

glass of water

Well, to be honest, sometimes the taste.  Water shouldn’t taste of anything, but invariably it does due to water treatment processes or even the rock the water has percolated through on the way to the reservoirs.  So, do you have to drink your hydration quotient in just plain water?  No, you can also have it as herbal teas.  However, unfortunately, the caffeinated drinks can’t be counted because the caffeine is a diuretic and therefore gets rid of hydration, not adding to it.  I am also not a fan of using water in plastic bottles and containers.  Plastic has chemicals in it which are effectively fake oestrogens which can mess with our reproductive health.  We are lucky because our tap water comes from the same source as one of the popular mineral waters in the UK, but, I would still use tap water in preference to water bottled in plastic.


So, today I will be finishing off some painting in my house, going to the gym and pool, and drinking water.  A lot.  Lets see if I feel better afterwards.  Will you be joining me?