What I offer

Herbal Remedies for healthy living –  In the beginning though, I hope to produce soaps, creams, lotions and herbal tea blends to help with some every day ailments.  I hope to eventually provide Personal Consultations via a variety of means and methods, including Video Conferences, One to one appointments (depending on where you live), and even speaking engagements to pass the message of Herbalism to others.  But first, I need to pass my Herbalism course!  

Easy recipes for cooking healthy meals for your family  – we might all have busy lives, but we can all find the time to cook from fresh every night.  I can offer some hints and tips from my kitchen experiences over 30 years of cooking meals.

Nutrition and healthy living advice – Eating well and eating the right things is essential for healthy living.  I am very keen on learning about this aspect of healthy living on my course, and everything I learn (and implement!) I will pass onto you.

Life coaching – I can help you to achieve your goals, be they personal or professional

Management and Accounting Consultancy for Complimentary Therapists and Micro-businesses – As a professional accountant, I can help you set up your business, explain the mysteries of budgeting and why it is essential and help you get set up to grow your great idea into a company which will work for you and your family.

Social Media Marketing Advice for Complimentary Therapists and Micro-businesses – Need some advice to grow your market?  Make sure you are exploiting social media as much as you can.  It is cheap, it is modern and it is the way forward.

Please contact me for details and a price list.

(Please note:  There is nothing available for sale at the moment.  I will let you know when the shop is open!)

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